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Your carrier lost
your parcel?
We get your
Money back!
From time to time, parcels get lost - more often than you
may think. easyclaim makes it easier as ever for you and
your company to follow up on these cases, and claim your
money back if required.
easyclaim will provide you with all required, legally verified
documents, if your parcel or shipment is lost, stolen, or not
You don’t have time to follow up on lost shipments? Test
easyclaim’s Money-Back Service!
easyclaim is so easy!
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Money-Back Service

You don't have the time to take care of lost parcels with your shipping
service provider?

No problem! Exactly for these cases, easyclaim has developed the

What is easyclaim?

Time is money - this is especially true for your employees. Let them
work on the most impactful tasks - claim- and damage management
and following up on lost or stolen shipments does not belong to these!

easyclaim’s mission is to make claim management ‘easier as ever’.
easyclaim helps you and your employees to simplify your claim-
receivables- compensation- and damage management, for example
for lost and stolen parcels.

For this, easyclaim takes over parts - or in the future - even the complete-
claim-, compensation-, and damage management for your company.

Why easyclaim?
Families still waiting for Christmas presents as Hermes 'loses' parcels

The delivery service has left customers feeling disappointed as they have yet to receive their orders a week later.

Westport police trying to locate 60 stolen packages after man's arrest

A man has appeared in court after a courier van containing 60 packages was allegedly stolen from Westport.

Royal Mail Received Over 1 Million Complaints Last Year

An analysis of Royal Mail quality of service reports has found that over 1 million customer complaints were investigated last year in what was the most in over a decade. It was also an increase of nearly 50% compared to the previous year.

Frequently Asked Questions
Your shipment was sent, but your customer has never received it? This happens more often than you expect. For professional retailers this is not only a customer satisfaction risk, but also a tremendously underestimated monetary effect. easyclaim makes it as easy as possible for your company to clarify these cases, and - if required - claims your money back.
In the „Document Production Service”, easyclaim creates all necessary and legally verified documents, such as search requests, damage invoices and claims. You just have to provide easyclaim with some information, the document creation and sending to the parcel service provider works automatically.

If your parcel carrier is unresponsive, or you just don’t have the time to manage these cases, you can commission easyclaim to handle your cases in the “Money-Back-Service”. In this case easyclaim will coordinate and execute the compensation refund process on your behalf. If necessary, easyclaim will even escalate the case in or out of court.
In the first place, easyclaim is tailored for companies that send parcels of all kinds and want to significantly optimize the time-consuming claim management with parcel service providers . However, the services offered by easyclaim can also be used by private consumers whose parcel shipment has not arrived and who are looking for a convenient way to get their money back.
It happens more often than you would expect: in 0.03 - 0.15 % of the cases, a shipment gets lost, stolen or cannot be found directly. Cases like these mean a big administrative effort for all senders, but it’s also a clearly underestimated cost factor - oftentimes with 5-, 6- or even 7-digit cost impact per year. Reason for this is that (online)shops remain responsible for the delivery of a parcel towards their customer in the first place - even when a parcel service is commissioned with the last mile delivery.
In case of a loss, it is not unusal that online shops directly send out a new shipment. Only in the second step, they try to get back the original parcel or compensation, oftentimes with significant time and work effort.
The question is then: How does the (online)shop handle these cases most efficiently? How to keep track on these cases that can take a long time? How to effectively get compensated by parcel carriers? For these and many more questions, easyclaim provides tailored solutions.
The sign up as well as the document creation service is free of charge for you and your company.

You want to commission the “Money-Back-Service”? In this case, you will - in general - only be charged upon success of the case.

easyclaim’s compensation consists of 2 parts:
  • A provision, which is based on a certain percentage of the claim value. Please note, that this value depends on the escalation stage of the case. The price is indicated in the most up-to-date version here.
  • On top of that, easyclaim receives accessory claims from the parcel service, such as late payment fees and interests.